CCS Combo 1 Fast Charge
Adapter for Tesla Model S, 3, X & Y.

You can now charge your vehicle
on any level 3 fast charging network.

A customer's 2022 Tesla Model Y
Performance made a 10% to 80% charge
in just under 20 minutes*.

Our adapter works without any issues
on 350kW charging stations.

Proudly Designed In North America.

The A2Z Thunderstorm Plug Was Tested And Works On The Following Public Charging Networks And More :

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Did You know That The CCS
Thunderstorm Plug :

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• Has a steadier charging peak.
• Remains cooler while charging.
• Is simply the smallest CCS adapter.
• Is built tough and made to last for years.

Take a look at this video to see how
our adapter performs against the competition.

A2Z EV is a proud partner of ChargeHub

ChargeHub is a vibrant community of more than one million users helping them to charge anywhere. This partnership allows users to open up possibilities to help EV owners having the right equipment to their needs.

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