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Great Product

This adapter worked exactly a promised and the company is a dream to work with. My order was fulfilled in a timely manner and I was kept informed all through the ordering and delivery process. I used the adaptor at an Electrify America location in my town and the handshake between my Tesla and the charger was flawless. I could not ask for a better adapter. THANK YOU A2Z!

CCS Combo 1 Adapter (CCS1) - 250kW - CE & FCC CERTIFIED - A2Z Thunderstorm Plug - Fast Charge Adapter For Tesla Model S, 3, X & Y - Free Hard Case & Locking Pin

Best CCS Adapter

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Brilliant alternative to the Tesla CCS adapter.

This adapter will give you major flexibility beyond the already common Tesla network.
This will also net you pull from CCS chargers. Sometimes the CCS is just more convenient, and sometimes they are free!

I've tested this a few times, had charge speed well beyond 100 kW. The adapter produced no noticeable heat, and the connection to both the CCS plug and to the Tesla port were perfect fits. Very rigid, robust part. Highly recommend for any Tesla owner who feels like they've already given Elon too much money... :)

Solid construction but , nice case but!

When I plug the adapter in my it was very difficult to use the lock and think it can be a problem in freezing Rain .

Love it

I bought this adapter so I can have alternative charging when outside supercharger areas during roadtrips. Also I am currently enjoying the free fast charging at Chevron using the CCS adapter. I paid extra for shipping and got the adapter fast the next day.

Small and efficient

First of all, the plug is not in plastic. So it is strong! It looks like a great and trusted product. Small with a hard case, easy to use. Needs few seconds to start but works perfectly so far. Highly recommend it. Cheaper than other similar products I found on the web. Very satisfied!!! Thank you!

Good Quality. Works as advertised.

I have only used this on my home installed Tesla level 2 wall connector, but it seems to work fine. I am hoping to use it with Tesla destination chargers, but I haven't had the chance to try that yet. The craftsmanship seems to be excellent. It feels good to use and I have had no difficulties. I have been using it to charge a 2023 Chevy Bolt EUV. I am pleased and would recommend this device.

J1772 to Tesla adapter
Louis-Philippe Giguère


Great adapter for the price

Back in February, I purchased a Jeep 4xe (PHEV). While this does have ICE, it’s still important to be able to charge while on the road. Having this adapter helps to insure that I will be able to do that. After receiving this adapter, I went and tried at two local hotels that offer Tesla destination chargers ( they also have J1772 plugs). The adapter worked at the one hotel with no issues. The other I wasn’t able to charge. I think that has more to do with the hotel and not the plug. Will test again and see what happens.

Pairing was almost instant :)

These are definitely the real thing. As soon as I installed them, they paired with my Model Y 2022.
Almost 50% cheaper than Tesla's website.

Service et fiabilité

Nous avons un service hors pair. Commande fait via le site Web et livraison en main propre le dimanche. Nous avons pu le tester lors d'un road trip et la facilité d'utilisation est géniale

CCS Combo 1 Adapter

This product is well worth the price and the customer service is exceptional.

CCS Adapter

Over the Easter Weekend, I emailed A2Z about why the item was delayed in shipping. Immediately I received a telephone call from the owner promising to look into it once he returned to the office. He did, and the item arrived shortly thereafter. The CCS adapter was made of high quality, and I cannot say enough about the Company's customer service. A special shout out to the owner for calling me. He promised action, and he did. Kudos to him.

Old 2019 model 3 SR+ upgrade

It work ! My 4 yrs old model 3 now can charge on a CCS adapter! This car is amazing! Thx A2Z for the upgrade before Tesla make it available. Happy to support a Qc company. Never stop exploring !

Christopher Brackett
Works as promised

Great way to find the ECU for a self upgrade. Genuine Tesla part with less hassle.

adapter ccs1

very good product easy to use and very good quality and also the service is 10+


My CCS1 adapter looks extremely well made and I am perfectly happy with my order!
How ever I cannot report on its performance yet as I have not had the chance to use it.
Looking forward to trying it.
Thank you Kim

Fonctionne très bien

Je viens d'utiliser sur une borne Electrify America (en Floride), aucun problème.