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Timeline of events :


  • September:

    • Commencement of brainstorming on the concept and feasibility of the project.
  • October:

    • Development of initial drawings.
  • November:

    • Creation of functionality and wiring diagrams.
  • December 9th:

    • Completion of the initial sample design.


  • February:

    • Initiation of the product's release planning.
  • June:

    • 1st Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) from the USA approaches the team.
  • July:

    • Early in the month:
      • 2nd OEM from the USA contacts the team.
      • 3rd OEM from the USA expresses interest.
      • Decision to remove the AC function due to safety considerations.
      • Enhancement of charging speeds through the replacement of L1 & L2 copper plates and poles.
    • Later in the month:
      • 4th OEM from South-Korea reaches out.
      • A second wave of improvements to charging speeds, again through the replacement of L1 & L2 copper plates and poles.
  • August:

    • 5th OEM from Europe establishes contact.
    • 6th OEM from Japan expresses their interest.
  • September:

    • Early in the month, the 7th OEM from the USA approaches the team.
    • Recognition of the necessity for a safer locking mechanism on the NACS side, and the development of a fully insulated adapter.
  • October:

    • Early in the month:
      • 8th OEM from Europe contacts the team.
      • By the 4th, a fully insulated version is completed. Development of a NACS active locking mechanism is also done, which ensures that charging is prevented if the mechanism is unlocked.
    • By the 16th, a deadline is set to finalize and test the newly developed active locking mechanism. TESTED.
    • Adapter will shortly be sent to competent certification agencies.
  • November:

    • Adapter approved.
    • Mass production has commenced.
    • Pre-orders are live.
    • Deliveries set for the end of Q4 2023 or Q1 2024.
    • A2Z EVSE will produce a different design NACS-CCS1 adapter for an EV automaker.

We thank the EV community for the massive support we are getting.

This structured timeline provides a detailed overview of the significant milestones and events during the development and production phases of the project.

Charging Data Sheet :

160kW (250A) NACS 3rd party charger - charging @ 152kW on this Ioniq 6 with the A2Z EV NACS to CCS1 adapter, the Typhoon Plug.

Important informations : 

The information presented on this product page is primarily for illustrative purposes. We are pleased to announce that our product is fully developed, with production underway and units readily available in our Montreal, Canada stock.

Despite the readiness of our Typhoon Plug, its functionality is currently limited as Tesla has not yet extended access of their supercharger network to all EV models. The moment Tesla integrates their charging network with all EVs and endorses aftermarket adapters, our Typhoon Plug will become operational. It's important to note that while we understand our adapter does not offer immediate utility, we have developed it with foresight, ensuring we are poised for future developments.

For enhanced safety, the final version of our adapter will solely support DC charging, eliminating the AC function. 

We are currently engaged in discussions with several car manufacturers and businesses, exploring opportunities to provide the Typhoon Plug to their clientele.

The Typhoon Plug's development journey reached a milestone on December 9th, 2022, with the completion of the product and demonstration units.

Any car manufacturers and companies interested in integrating our advanced adapter solution are cordially invited to reach out for manufacturing price quotes at +1-514-229-1409 or via email at

Rest assured, the Typhoon Plug has undergone rigorous testing and stands ready to support car manufacturers and charging station firms transitioning to the North American Charging Standard (NACS).

How it works :

Basics : The NACS-CCS1 Typhoon Plug is 100% passive and has no electronics. L1 and L2 pins are crossed between the NACS and CCS1 end. NACS' ground goes directly to J1772's ground. NACS' Control Contact pin goes to J1772's Control Contact pin and the same applies to the Control Proximity pins. The adapter is quite straightforward and makes a simple conversion of plugs.

This adapter is simply the opposite of the CCS1 to NACS adapter. The charging station and vehicle are in charge of everything else regarding the charging process. 

Temperature sensor : The temperature sensor needs no power. It's a sensor switch connected to PP and PE, when it senses a temperature over 85ºC it switches off and by the same occasion stops communication between PP and PE. The charging process then stops, until it cools down.

One of the many questions that is asked at the moment on the NACS to CCS1 adapter.
Question : He says it is only good to 250-350A, how do they enforce/limit this if they're passive? Superchargers can do over 500A...
Answer : Actually, the vehicle's charge-port and the charging connector are equipped with temperature sensors which are constantly monitored. When the charging station's connector detects a ''high'' temperature on the DC pins, the charging station reduces the charging performance and the vehicle does the same by asking less power. This gives three layers of safety : the adapter, the vehicle and the charging station.


Based on 287 reviews

The installation of the kit was simple and pain free. Tested it the next day at an EA charger and it performed very well. Thank you for offer the kit.

Works great

Great alternative to the official tesla tap. Had a high quality feel and works without any issue.

Encore du travail a faire.

Vous avez mon adresse, vous savez que je ne demeure pas en Ontario.Alors
pourquoi m'envoyer des Mails et le manuel de l'utilisateur en anglais seulement?
Le pidule fonctionne bien.Merci!

Very happy with the product

Very fast shipping and nice and smooth conversation. Thank you very much!

AC & DC CCS Combo 1 (CCS1) to Tesla Adapter - J1772 & CCS1 - 2 In 1 Adapter - 250kW - CE & FCC CERTIFIED - 12 Months Warranty

V2L (J1772) - Vehicle-To-Load - For North America - Up to 16A - 12 Months Warranty

NAC to J 1772

Excellent quality, compact. Excellent service.

Grizzl-E – Smart
Michel Mousseau

Svp. Envoyez des courriels en français. Merci

Ccs to tesla y

Works great. Only used a couple times. 100kW rates so far.

Really happy with my purchase

Great service, fast delivery!

tesla adapter

Excellent build quality. The case it comes with is very nice bonus feature

V2L (J1772) - Vehicle-To-Load - For North America - Up to 16A - 12 Months Warranty


Reconnu par mon véhicule (Kia EV6) sans aucun problème et fonctionne parfaitement. Satisfait.

Toutefois, le crochet de vérouillage permet un mouvement suffisant pour que le contact cesse (ne maintient pas le dispositif enfoncé complètement) si on tire dessus donc dans mon mode d'utilisation normal le véhicule déverrouille alors le crochet ce qui permet de le retirer ce qui présente un risque de vol si utilisé sans surveillance et qu'on oublie de mettre le verouillage en mode "toujours vérouillé" ... ce serait à corriger à mon avis pour que le dispositif reste complètement enfoncé une fois le crochet enclanché.

Replacement Adapter

After the new adapter came, it was tried and worked as expected.
I did start to dismantle the old adapter and found corrosion at the locking switch.
I freed it and will try to see if that was the problem.

Grizzl-E – Smart
Johanne Bernier

Very good. Thank you

Amazing product

Woooo Hoooo - Amazing product!



Installation rapide du retrofit. Merci.
L’adaptateur est parfait, mais il faut vraiment réchauffer la batterie avant (comme dans les superchargers), sinon on n’atteint pas les vitesses promises.


Extremely efficient and highly professional service. The product arrived in flawless condition, precisely as it was described.

Tres satisfait du produit qui de plus vient avec le support de cable renforci. Mais j'ai surtout apprécié la rapidité et la qualité du service .Suite a un délai de livraison de quelques jours dont ils n'étaient pas du tout responsables ils m'ont émis un généreux crédit. On ne peux faire mieux.

Grizzl-E – Smart
Gerard Leblanc

Grizzl-E – Smart

Nice kit and very fast delivery

Nice kit and very fast delivery

Great product

Great product and service